New Update Available!

  • Software update coming soon! In the next day you should receive a request to update the
    Bloom control panel to Version 0.0.20.

    There are dozens of improvements, including:

    • Changed the data transfer from MQTT to IOT and Optimized "timeout" issues –
      dramatically improving stability between app and BLOOM

    • Optimized the alert logic of low water flow

    • Optimized the “alert spam” – reducing the number of alerts received

    • Improved security

    • Various User-interface improvements

    • Improved light schedule timing

    • Fixed the display of total planted days in the status page

    • Fixed the negative days display on the status page

    • Optimized the "black screen" issue, which should result in fewer “black screen crashes”

    Stuff you probably won’t care about:

    • Changed "MQTT status" to IOT Status on the home page

    • Fixed recipe name with special characters and 30 characters limited

    • Optimized the logs for saving memory space

    • Fixed the issue of iotdata connection

    • Optimized the report logic for all alerts

    As always, please keep reporting any issues you see so we can get them on the list and fix them!