OJ Kush Recipe

  • Hey Bloomer's! Helping @DaiSugi-2 out with a recipe for an OJ Kush Hybrid from a live plant.

    You can use the same recipe from @HenHennesy's grow, without the need to input the Germination Stage.
    Additionally, I would suggest changing the "Veg" stage to only 10 days. @Gr0w3r @HenHennesy @I_like_plants, does that match up with your experience so far?


  • We have seen some crazy growth in both the veg and bloom stages. All strains grow differently especially hybrids because they can take on traits from both sides of the indica/sativa spectrums. Its is hard to say how long to veg specific strains within the cabinet space until they have been beta grown a few times to dial it in.

    Based on the amazing technology provided by the bloom cabinet, don't be afraid to change your plant phase into bloom earlier then you think. Its can be frustrating to combat vigorous growth.

    Generally your plant will stretch 40%-60% of its total growth once it enters the bloom stage before it starts stacking bud sites and begins flowering. This varies on the strain and which way in leans between indica/sativa.