PPM High? Check your water level

  • This may seem obvious to some, but with plants growing so rapidly in later stages it can be easy to forget to check your water level in your Nutrient Reservoir. The bigger the plant, the more water it will need so water level will begin to lower in your reservoir at a faster rate. Yes, BLOOM will alert you when your water level is low, BUT lower water levels (even showing medium) will create a higher ratio of nutrients in your reservoir, causing your PPM to be over the range.

    If PPM is just a few hundred points over target, your plant will still be OK. A quick solution to seeing your PPM above range is to add water to the nutrient reservoir and let the system dose it back within range.

  • Thank you for sharing, @Harvester, this is great information.

  • With the mature, late stage growth in Harvester BLOOM the PPM has been jumping over target every day. It has become my ritual to add anywhere from 2/3 to 1 full gallon of water to the reservoir every morning, then watch as the level gradually reaches 'target' then surpasses by the time the lights go out at night. It's important to check every day in late stage growth.